Girls Trip in Prince Edward County

What better way to enjoy a bachelorette weekend or girls trip than exploring Prince Edward County and supporting local small businesses at the same time! This warm spring weather is making us look forward to those hot summer days, so let's get ahead and start planning for a girls day in PEC! 

First stop - County Cider - Drinks 

The Cider Tasting Experience

Start off your day with the Cider Tasting Experience. Held outdoors overlooking our vineyard, orchard and beautiful views of Lake Ontario. One of our cider ambassadors will walk your group through a variety of ciders we make, provide information about the cider making process and guide you through each cider you taste.

Make sure to book your experience here:  

The County Cider Company

657 Bongards Crossroads

Waupoos, ON K0K 2T0

Girls trip at County Cider



Second Stop - Lavender Farm - Pictures and Gifts 

The best part of summer is exploring the flower fields in bloom, this Lavender Farm is open for the season and is the perfect place for aesthetic photos! If you love the lavender scent, their shop has everything from soaps, essential oils, bath salts and more. If you are looking for the perfect bachelorette gifts on theme for the day, this is the place to go. 

On July 8/9 and July 15/16, 2023, they are having their Annual Lavender Festival. There will be food, entertainment and much more! 

Cost $12.50/person

Tickets available at the gate

The Lavender Farm

732 Closson Rd

Hillier, ON K0K 2J0

 Lavender Farm in Prince Edward County

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Lavender Farm in Prince Edward County

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Third Stop - Lake On the Mountain - Explore & Dinner

If you’ve never been to Lake on the Mountain, it is a must for summer 2023. This freshwater lake is one of the natural wonders in Ontario with a mystery of how it was formed and how the water continues to flow.  

“Geologists today believe the lake is the result of a collapsed doline or sinkhole, a phenomenon common in areas where limestone is prevalent. Believed to be fed by two small streams, the most credible measurement pegs the lake at 37 metres deep” (The Brel Team)

Must Do and See in Lake on the Mountain:

  • Stand on the main road and take in the view: on one side, you’ll see the Bay of Quinte; on the other, the Lake on the Mountain, 60 metres above the Bay
  • Ride horses on the trails at Diamond J Ranch

Grab dinner at either of these restaurants:

Lake on the Mountain


Miller House Restaurant - Lake on the Mountain