All of our ciders are gluten free and vegan. We use a variety of traditional European and French cider apples to make our delicious ciders. These include: Bulmer’s Norman, Ida Red, Russets, Northern Spy, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Michelin, Tremlett’s bitter and many more. Each variety provides specific tannin and acidity profiles, which give our ciders their unique flavour, colour and mouth-feel.


We don’t play favourites. The truth is, we love all our ciders for very different reasons. Which is precisely why, one cider just wouldn’t do. Regrettably, you won’t always find all seven of our ciders at your local LCBO or watering hole, but you will find them described below and in the tasting room at our farm. (Hint, hint.)


Inspired by traditional Somerset ciders. Made with estate grown bittersharp and bittersweet apple varieties. Blended with our own Golden Russets to create a dry crisp taste and complexity for the true cider lover.

Tasting Notes
A dry and earthy cider. Funky with a hint of ginger. Complex with creamy apple spice notes. Brilliant acidity giving it freshness. A multi-dimensional artisanal cider.

Complex tannins make it pair well with burgers, lamb and traditional ploughman's lunch made with a variety of sharp cheeses and pickles.

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Tortured Path


Our flagship product for over 20 years. Reflects the character of old-world cider apples - bittersharps and bittersweets. Made with a unique blend of our late season apples and culinary apples such as Northern Spy.

Tasting Notes
Crisp and fresh with a tart finish. Apple forward, well-rounded acidity, tannin characters evident mid-palate to finish.

Pairs extremely well with BBQ and spicy Asian foods.

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County Apple


Our top selling draft product for over 20 years. Exemplifies the crisp, fresh fruit qualities of our orchard-ripened apples with subtle undertones of bittersweet cider apples, giving an overall impression of freshness with the complexity of tannins and acidity. Seriously quaffable. A sessionable cider.

Tasting Notes
Off-dry, with zesty acidity and tangy apple fruit flavours; crisp lingering finish with underlying tannic qualities. Wonderful fresh apple aromas tantalizing the nose with the taste to come.

Think of chicken wings and wood fired pizza.

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Waupoos is the name of the hamlet where our farm is located. It was named after Mississauga First Nation’s Chief Waupoos, who was a significant figure in our local heritage. Waupoos is Ojibwe for ‘rabbit’ (waabooz) or sometimes ‘running rabbit’ and our area is well known for its abundance of wild rabbits, wild turkeys, deer and many other wildlife. 



Inspired by the Domfront area of Normandy. This cider is made with a carefully select blend of our own apple ciders. It is then back blended with natural flavours and essences. Great over ice or straight up.

Tasting Notes
Medium sweetness, with a bright pear flavour. Fresh pear notes on the beginning and mid palate with crisp apple finish. Delicate vanilla undertones.

Goes great with fish and chips or your favourite Chinese food.

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County Pear


A fresh twist on fruit cider. Made with a blend of our late harvest apples combined with blood orange essences. Enjoy on the patio and watch the sun illuminate the deep red and orange colours of this picturesque cider. Refreshing over ice or on its own. A perfect summer sipper.

Tasting Notes­
Medium sweetness countered by hints of tart and bright citrus. Smooth vanilla undertones present a full pallet experience.

This complex cider makes you think of all of the new cocktails you can invent.

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County Blood Orange


Made with our blend of late season apples combined with fruit essences of cranberry and wild raspberry. A fruity sensation tantalizing the palate evoking memories of crisp and sunny fall days. Enjoy alone or use as a base for a variety of cider cocktails.

Tasting Notes­
Slightly tart with an underlying mild sweetness and balanced acidity. Medium bodied with a crisp finish.

Excellent with orange juice but can be used as fabulous marinade for chicken and turkey.

Pairs well with pulled pork and smoked meats. A sessionable cider by itself.

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County Feral


Made with a unique blend of late season apples and combined with fresh peach essences. Excellent patio drink best served chilled on its own or over ice. Makes a great base for cider cocktails. Peach is the best seller in our tasting room and retail store. A proven winner.

Tasting Notes
Slightly sweet yet refreshing cider with ripe peach flavors and bold peach aromas with great balanced acidity. Peach offers pleasant effervescence and a refreshing finish.

Mix with orange juice for that relaxing brunch any day of the week.

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County Peach


Made with a unique blend of late-season apples, this cider is fruity and bright tasting. Our most popular cider.

Tasting Notes
Bold blackberry on the nose, with a refreshing peachy finish.

A perfect summer sipper, pairs well with patios and lakeside views.

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County Blackberry Peach


For best results store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. During our winter close down (January to March) you can store our ciders and enjoy them over the long, cold winter months but remember, spring is always just around the corner.