We’re technically considered an estate winery, but we’ve been specializing in authentic hard ciders since 1995. Award-winning ciders carefully crafted from the very best apples grown on our family farm and nearby orchards. Made with love and 100% pure apple juice.



The family farm over-looking the shores of Prince Edward Bay, in the heart of Prince Edward County, has been producing apples since 1850. It was bought by William and Berva Howes back in 1970. Their son Grant, took over the orchards in the early 90’s with the dream of making cider. One year later Grant had produced a cider good enough to impress the LCBO. Two years later Grant’s Cider was on store shelves across Ontario. The man who in time would become known as The Grandfather of Ontario Cider was on his way.

Today, we grow over 16 varieties of apples on our two orchards. All told that’s over 40 acres of apple trees producing roughly 1,600 tonnes of apples, which in turn produces about 350,000 litres of the good stuff, each year.


In Grant's own words:

"These ciders, the truly magnificent ones, were all made by people who grow their own apples, tend their orchards, pick, select, blend and make their ciders where they live. It is a commitment bordering on religious zeal.

Greatness can only be achieved by knowing the characteristics and nuances of the underlying apple varieties, how these apples are effected by yearly changes in weather patterns and if you are very lucky perhaps 30 years of trying to get it right."

Our beloved gentle bear of a man passed away, suddenly, in 2017 at the age of 60. In the blink of an eye we lost a father, friend and founder. The loss has been enormous, but Grant’s dream, his passion and dedication lives on in every member of the tight-knit County Cider team he left behind.

To honour Grant's legacy and love for his craft, the Grant Howes Memorial Scholarship Fund was created with Niagara College, granting funds to students pursuing excellence in the Winery and Viticulture Technician, Brewmaster, and Brewery Operations Management Programs.

To apply for the fund, go to https://www.niagaracollege.ca/fees-finances/financial-aid-and-awards/scholarships-bursaries. To donate, go to http://donate.niagaracollege.ca/ways-to-give.