Ciders for Summer Nights

Apples are often associated with Canada’s fall season - think apple picking, flannel shirts, and fall colours. But when the summer hits, delicious hard apple cider, made from Ontario apples, is the perfect refresher on a hot day!

Cider is the perfect summer beverage, especially County Cider (no bias here). With our assortment of flavours, our line of crisp cool cider is great for summer nights by the campfire, at the beach or by the dock. More importantly, cider’s lower alcohol content and refreshing taste allow for a more casual and enjoyable drinking experience in the summer heat rather than strong wine or filling beer. 

Here are some things you can do to liven up your summer nights with our cider’s!

1. Bring Us to the Water

Whether you are on a sandy beach by the lakeshore or up north on a cottage dock, a peach cider goes well with a golden sunset. Grab a couple of friends, a spikeball net, a case of County Cider and you’re good to enjoy your evening by the water with refreshing and tasteful drinks!A picture of a bottle of peach cider on a wooden tree stump with a sunset and beach in the background

2. Around a Campfire

There is something about summer night campfires that just hit differently. Whether you are enjoying time with your family or spending a long weekend with your friends, having drinks by the fire can make some of the sweetest memories that last a lifetime. Rather than get the classic drinks, add some sweet delicious cider to your list and enjoy the summery flavours to go along with the fun campfire songs and stories! 

A photo of a campfire on the beach

3. Mixing Drinks

Have you ever tried making drinks with cider? Well you definitely should. Rather than trying to use syrup, liquor and other ingredients to get a fruitful summer flavour in your drink, try using our ciders that are already infused with classic summer flavours like peach, orange, blackberry peach, lime, pear, cranberry, raspberry and more!

In previous blogs, we showed numerous drink recipes that are super quick to make and refreshing for the summer season. 

A photo of a bottle of peach cider next to a cocktail glass A photo of a cosmo cocktail in a glass with a straw in it and a lime A photo of a glass with yellow liquid in it with a lemon wedge and straw with a view of the lake in the background


You can order online, check out your local LCBO, or stop by County Cider and pick up one of our summer flavours today!