Fizzy Fuzzy Navel - The Ultimate Mimosa

It’s about time County Cider brought the ULTIMATE mimosa with our new Fizzy Fuzzel Navel drink. 

With a hint of orange juice, a splash of peach cider and a side of a beautiful summer patio, this refreshing mimosa is the perfect drink to have for a bachelorette brunch or cottage lunch. 

You can come try this with your friends at our Patio Restaurant (open Wednesday-Sunday 11am-6:00pm), or make this yourself at home!

What you’ll need:

It’s time to set the scene - you and your friends are getting together to catch up and chat about life. You have your table set, charcuterie board ready, music playing, and all you need is the ultimate mimosa to get the party started. 

Step 1: Fill your 16 oz glass with ice

Step 2: Add 12 oz of our County Peach Cider

Step 3: Top with 2 oz of orange juice

Step 4: Garnish with an orange slice

Now don’t get too carried away, bottomless mimosas and afternoon hangovers are best friends. We hope you enjoy our Fizzy Fuzzy Navel and try our other drinks like the County Cosmo and Blackberry Peach Lemonade during your next brunch! 


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