Spring Guide to County Cider

Celebrate spring with us! There's no better place to soak in the vibrant energy of spring than at The County Cider Company. Nestled among the apple blossoms with stunning lakeside views, our cidery offers more than just a sip of cider; it's an immersive experience where you can enjoy the full blossoming beauty of the season, indulge in delicious wood-fired pizza and spend quality time with your friends and family. Continue reading to discover how to make the most out of spring at County Cider!

Apple Blossoms

Apple blossoms are not only a beautiful sight to behold, but they also play a crucial role in the life cycle of an apple tree. These delicate flowers mark the beginning of the apple tree's journey towards producing delicious fruits that we all enjoy. 

Apple blossoms are essential for the pollination process, as they contain both male and female reproductive organs. Bees and other insects visit the blossoms to collect nectar and inadvertently transfer pollen from one flower to another, allowing for fertilization to occur. Without this crucial step, the apple tree would not be able to produce fruit.

The timing of apple blossoms varies depending on the apple tree variety and the climate. In general, apple blossoms start to appear in the spring, typically between April and May. The sight of apple trees covered in blossoms is a sure sign that warmer weather is on the way.

Take a stroll through our orchards for an impromptu photo shoot, or simply relax on our patio with a cider in hand, and let the panoramic views and serene atmosphere provide an escape you didn't know you needed.






Patio Lunches

Every season our patio restaurant is a huge draw for visitors. We are known for our delicious wood-fired pizzas, refreshing craft ciders and beautiful lakeside views. While summer is our busiest season, the best time to visit is definitely in the spring! With our orchard in full bloom, you can enjoy the beauty of our patio without the crowds. We will be open in time for Mother's Day, May 11 & 12 2024. Keep an eye on our socials for the most up to date hours. 

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Cider Restock

Spring is the season of fresh flavors, and our cider selection is no exception. We've crafted a range of ciders that capture the essence of the season, from crisp and refreshing classic apple to innovative blends infused with ripe fruits and unique essences. Our new Legacy Series Cherry Bourbon cider is a must try, with subtle hints of juicy cherry and a smooth bourbon finish. We sometimes sell out of our most popular ciders during the summer months, so stocking up on your favourites in the spring is always a good idea. Don't forget our ciders make a perfect Mother's Day gift! 

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Date with your Doggo 

We believe that spring outings are best enjoyed with all family members, including your dogs! The County Cider Company is proud to be a dog-friendly destination. We offer plenty of space for your pups to roam around and enjoy the fresh air (on a leash, please!), along with special treats available to make their day out as enjoyable as yours. Remember to share your County Cider dog pics with us by tagging us @countycider




Spring Hours

Ready to embrace all that spring has to offer? Join us at County Cider for a truly memorable experience. Starting May 1st our tasting room and bottle shop is open 7 days/week from 11 am - 6 pm, and while reservations are not required, they are recommended, especially for weekend visits and groups. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!

Spring is a magical time at County Cider, and we can't wait to share it with you. Whether you're looking for a relaxing afternoon by the lake, a tasty meal, or a special place to connect with nature and loved ones (including your four-legged ones!), make us your go-to spring destination. Cheers to a season filled with beauty, renewal, and, of course, exceptional cider!

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