Build A Box, County Cider Style: Our Picks for our New Subscribe & Save

This week at County Cider we launched our new Subscribe & Save option! 

We now offer a monthly subscription service that brings you your favourite ciders right to your door every month. You can customize and add to your order every month, or just set it and forget it. 

Here’s how to subscribe:

  1. Choose your desired subscription. If you want to receive a case of the same cider every month, you can subscribe from the regular product page. If you would like to build a box of different ciders, you can do so from the Subscribe & Save tab in the website menu.
  1. Select your desired quantity. Orders containing multiples of 12 will receive free shipping, so keep that in mind while setting up your order!
  1. Place your order, sit back and wait for your box of refreshing ciders to arrive at your door!

Walkthrough video tutorial: 

Subscribe and Save Now! 


Let’s build a box together!

Hey Barbie Box

A perfect selection of Barbie-themed coloured cider perfect to create that Barbie world vibe. 

  • 6 bottles of blood orange
  • 6 bottles of feral

Shades of Green

There is something about the shade green that is so peaceful and earthy. Here's our way of sharing some love with our pear and lime flavours.

  • 6 bottles of County pear 
  • 6 bottles of Lime 


Everything Everywhere All At Once 

If you're like us and can't decide which cider flavour to try, just get them all!

  • 2 Bottles of Blackberry Peach
  • 2 Bottles of County Blood Orange
  • 2 Bottles of County Feral 
  • 2 Bottles of County Peach 
  • 2 Bottles of County Pear 
  • 2 Bottles of Harvest Spice 
  • 2 Bottles of Lime 


Subscribe and Save Now!