A Day in Waupoos: A Guide to the East End of Prince Edward County

Are you planning a trip to Prince Edward County and looking for some fun, unique activities that support local businesses? Well we’ve got you covered! From great food to fun activities, when you come to Prince Edward County, it will be a day that is photo-worthy and memorable.

FOOD: Cressy Mustard Co.

Cressy Mustard Co. is a small-batch mustard company located along the shores of Waupoos. Local restaurateur Sarah Harrison started making mustard as a fundraiser. Today, it is a mainstay at local markets and restaurants.

They have a fish and chips deli that was recently featured in Narcity as one of “The Best Restaurants in Price Edward County, According To A Top Check and Restaurateur”

Address: 2983 County Rd. 8, Prince Edward, ON

Their products are sold in retail stores throughout the area (locations listed on their Facebook page).

A photo of the exterior of the Cressy Mustard building An image of a charcuterie board and various food products of Cressy Mustard


WINE: Del-Gatto Estates

Del-Gatto Estates, Bella Vigne is family owned and operated winery in Picton Ontario. They specialize in authentic Italian wine using hybrid grape varieties.

A photo of a picnic blanket with a charcuterie board of various foods and a bottle of wine on it

Their patio features European style bistro seating and picnic tables for “bring your own picnic”. And they offer DIY charcuterie boards when you visit for wine. 

Throughout the summer, the patio will be featuring live music every Saturday. To learn more check them out here.

Location: 3609 County Road 8, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0



CHEESE: Fifth Town Artisan Cheese

Fifth Town is a privately owned, environmentally and socially responsible farm that produces fine hand-made cheeses using fresh locally produced cow, goat and buffalo milk.

With 20 acres of agricultural land and facing Lake Ontario on the eastern ridge of Prince Edward County, the Fifth Town dairy processing, retail and educational facility enhances the practice of artisan cheese making with advanced sustainable design.

When you visit Fifth Town, there are numerous things you can do on the farm. You can visit the Farm Shop where you can taste sample cheese and see the cheese making process. 

You can also relax on the Patio with refreshments and snacks. Or visit the Grounds that include a vineyard, orchard and sunflower field. 


To learn more about all the activities and hours click here.

Location: 4309 Prince Edward County Rd 8, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0

DESSERT: Waupoos Butter Tarts

Waupoos Butter Tarts is such a unique and wholesome local business. This family run business operates out of an off-road shed located on their farm, making delicious butter tarts in a variety of flavours. 

This business is currently a take-out service, so it is a perfect way to pick up some sweets while on the road - Be sure to look for the pink signs!

Location: Prince Edward, ON K0K 2T0, 2596 County Rd 8.

A photo of a small wooden shed that houses Waupoos Butter Tarts  An aerial view of butter tarts on a table


EXPLORE: The Rose House Museum

The Rose House has survived since the early 1800s and over the years has been inhabited by 5 generations of the Rose family. Peter Rose arrived in Prince Edward County among the first Marysburgh settlers, made up largely of United Empire Loyalists and Hessian (German) soldiers who had fought for the British in the American Revolution.

An exterior view of the Rose House Museum which is a red house with a porch

Along with Ameliasburgh Heritage Village, Macaulay Heritage Park, Mariners Park Museum, Wellington Heritage Museum - the Rose House Museum is a common attraction in Prince Edward County as a place to connect with the history and heritage of the region.


If you are interested in a lovely day of viewing historical artifacts, natural history, objects of art and heritage sites, this is the place for you on a beautiful summer day! 

To learn more click here.

Location: 3333 County Rd 8 RR 4, Waupoos, ON K0K 2T0


EXPERIENCE: The Blueberry Patch

The Blueberry Patch is located on the shores of Lake Ontario in the heart of Waupoos, owned and operated by a fifth generation farmer Jim Hughes. Bring the family and kids during harvest season to pick freshly grown blueberries. 

Harvest Schedule:

Raspberries July 12 - July 30 | Blueberries July 15 to Labour Day

They open for the season on July 15, 2022.

A wooden basket of freshly picked blueberries


There you have it! An eventful day driving along County Road 8 in Waupoos. You get to enjoy the beautiful scenery, support small and local businesses, enjoy the beautiful weather and make lifelong memories!

Don’t forget to stop by County Cider for a cider tasting as well! Book Now.

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